Our instructors are full of energy - they use it to motivate you in class and make you excited for your next workout!

Laura Fonzi.jpg

Laura Fonzi

Laura is an energetic mom of 4 will kick your butt in class and you’ll come out thanking her. Since 2002, she’s been empowering people of all ages and fitness levels to be their strongest selves in the most fun way possible.

Cassie Smolic.jpg

Cassie Smolic

Cassie has always had a passion for helping others reach their goals, so it’s no surprise that she does just that in her role as a fitness instructor and dietitian.

Julie Straub.jpg

Julie Straub

Julie was first drawn to yoga for its meditative benefits. Through her practice she discovered  the importance of balancing the mind, body, and spirit for whole body health which she strives to develop in her students.

Becky Roush.jpg

Becky Roush

Becky has been a certified yoga instructor since 2009. Yoga allows her to make room wherever she needs it in her life and is happy to share the opportunity to help others discover what yoga can do for them. 

Brittany Keesecker .jpg

Brittany Keesecker

Maryam is a former competitive swimmer who has found that ropes resistance training mimics moving against water. She brings a determined, but encouraging energy to all her clients and classes.


Kristy Beswick

You can always plan to hear a great 80’s throwback in Kristy’s classes. She has a decade of experience and will push you out of your comfort zone with a smile on her face


Taylor Kohr

Taylor has been a fitness instructor since 2014 and loves making each class a positive atmosphere. Whether it’s spin, boot camp, or Pilates- you’ll leave her class feeling motivated and energized!

Monica Calero.jpg

Monica Calero

Monica’s classes are a combination of energizing vinyasa sequences combined with restorative movements in which students notice the transformations in both their minds and bodies. Expect lots of movement, breath, flow and carefully planned playlists!

Jackie Polak.jpg

Jackie Polak

Jackie’s desire for success drives her to help others to find their optimal fitness level with in themselves. By using her god given gifts of strength, exuberance and perseverance, Jackie’s class will make you feel amazing!

Cara Donohue.jpeg

Cara Donohue

Cara loves the challenge, musicality, community, and peace of mind she experiences when teaching and taking fitness classes. She aims to create a high energy and inclusive atmosphere that makes exercise accessible and fun for “every body” in her class.

Veronica Miclot.jpg

Veronica Miclot

Veronica has a background in musical theatre and dance, and utilizes her experience to create a fun and energetic class while guiding you in the right direction to become a healthier you!


Marco Pugliese

Maryam is a former competitive swimmer who has found that ropes resistance training mimics moving against water. She brings a determined, but encouraging energy to all her clients and classes.

Karyna Kerin.jpg

Karyna Kerin

Karyna has been practicing yoga since 2011. You can usually find a moderate paced class full of creatively linked poses, music, and breathwork that will challenge you both physically and mentally.

Colleen Stearns.jpg

Colleen Stearns

Colleen’s passion for fitness really grew when she began teaching group exercise in college. She loves motivating others during a workout and helping them reach their full potential while still keeping it fun!

Brandee Tenney.jpg

Brandee Tenney

With a background in healthcare as an CRNP in acute rehab, Brandee embraces body mechanics focusing on strength, endurance, and mobility in her classes.

Terrie Obringer.jpg

Terri Obringer

Terri is a highly energetic mother of 3 who started her journey as a fitness instructor after realizing that eating well and exercising made her want to help others do the same.

Robin Guter.jpg

Robin Guter

Robin empowers her students to explore their practice on the mat and within themselves while fostering a fun, challenging, and nonjudgmental environment.

Alex Mattina.jpg

Alex Mattina

As a LCSW, Alex deeply understands the value of the connection between one’s self and body. Whether on or off the mat, she will encourage you to strengthen that connection through breath, awareness of self, and asana.