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Cycle Party

It's a party on a bike! 45 minutes of the most fun you've ever had working out. Clip in and party with us.

Cycle & Arms 

We work those legs out hard in cycling. This class will put some time in on the arms too. We use resistance bands to do upper body strengthening exercises while on the bike. You'll still get your killer cardio workout and strengthen your legs while giving some TLC to the arms.

Express Cycle

30 great minutes of sprints, hills, jumps, etc. What more could you ask for? Your legs will thank you.

Cycle & Box

In this workout, you’ll get all the fun and challenge of our regular cycling classes in just 20 minutes. Then get ready to beat up those bags! NO BOXING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! You’ll become a badass in no time.

Express Box

Get ready to feel those arms burn in a quick 30 minutes high intensity class with great combos.

Box & Weights

This class alternates between boxing rounds and weight training rounds. Not only are you going to have a blast in this high energy class, but you're going to burn some serious calories, build muscle, and get leaner. Who doesn't want that? NO BOXING EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! We have gloves to use and wraps to borrow or purchase.

Tabata Makes You Hotta 

Don’t believe us? Just try it! You’ll be feeling it from your head to toes after you walk out of this high intensity class full of fun intervals.

Outdoor Bootcamp

Get some fresh air and a kick-ass workout on your Saturday morning!

Abs on Fire

You’ll be sure to light your abs on fire in this 30min express workout!

Pilates Sculpt

Using weights, bands, and traditional Pilates core exercises, this low impact class will help sculpt and strengthen your whole body.

Barre Strength

We keep it moving with creative barre, band, and body weight sequences to strengthen and tone your muscles. Add some great music and a motivational instructor and you've got a great workout. This class is an excellent compliment to your cardio routine.

New to Yoga

New to Yoga? No problem! You’ll get all the basics covered in this class while learning how to breath as well.

Yoga Flow

This class is for anyone who has never taken a yoga class or only ever taken a few. The instructor will go through the flow at a slower pace than the all-levels class and will take extra time to explain each posture and help make adjustments. Participants will receive all the same benefits as from an all-levels class, but will feel more comfortable if they are new to yoga.

Bumpin’ Flow

Keep your body moving in this faster paced yoga flow class set to good bumpin' music. You'll get your heart rate up, your muscles strong, and your mind cleared.

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